Sligo Artists

We are always eager to support & stock locally published books & local artist’s music. We would usually do this on a sale or return basis subject to approval by our buyers.

If you are a Sligo based artist or musician wishing to sell your products via our shop, please fill in your details below and we will get in touch with you.

Terms & conditions

  • We will only accept bar-coded items for re-sale.
  • A standard margin for stocking books is 1/3 and Music 30% + VAT. We will not accept any low margin items with the exception of Charity books /CD’s & these will be stocked on a case by case basis.
  • A delivery docket must be supplied with your books.
  • An invoice must be supplied at time of payment.
  • Payment will be issued after sale of minimum 5 items. If after 1 year, less than 5 items have sold we will pay down the account and remove these items from inventory.
  • Should you require an update on sales or if you would like payment or closure of an account please contact us prior to calling to the shop. Due to the busy nature of the business we cannot cater to anyone who calls in without an appointment or prior contact.


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