The Windings of the Moy Revisited


From 1916 to 1918, the original author of The Windings of the Moy, Rev. James Greer, navigated his way up-river towards ?these inner reaches of the Moy?. This book by photographer, Pat McCarrick stems from his experiences of the early stages of the river. These photographic ?windings? along the Moy follow it from source to sea.

This is principally a book of photographs; inspired and carried along by Greer?s original text. The original book contained only a few images, this book contains many images and just selected excerpts from Greer.

The author?s photography is the principal influence in this book. Having the Ox Mountains and the source of the river at his back door, engendered a certain pride of place and urged him to create this photographic record while at the same time commemorating and respecting the original Windings of the Moy.

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