The Truth Must Dazzle Gradually


THE IMMERSIVE AND HEARTFELT EXPLORATION OF FAMILY AND LOVE ‘A beautiful bittersweet story of love, loss and families. Tears were shed!’ GRAHAM NORTON ‘A moving and powerful novel’ JOHN BOYNE ‘Human, graceful and healing, a true gift of a novel’ SEBASTIAN BARRY ‘A beautiful story’ SARAH WINMAN ‘Lyrical, optimistic and redemptive’ CLARE CHAMBERS __________ On an island off the west coast of Ireland, the Moone family gathers. Maeve is an actor, struggling with her most challenging role yet – as a mother to four children.

Murtagh, her devoted husband, is a potter whose craft brought them from the city to this rural life. In the wake of one fateful night, the Moone siblings must learn the story of who their parents truly are, and what has happened since their first meeting, years before, outside Trinity College in Dublin. We watch as one love story gives rise to another, until we arrive at a future that none of the Moones could have predicted.

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ISBN: 9781405935173