Never Better My Life in Our Times



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‘Money is handy for doing messages’ was a phrase the young Tommie Gorman heard from his
father, growing up in Sligo in the 1960s. Struggle was never far away but their household had
a surplus of love and warmth. From modest beginnings as a local reporter at the Western
Journal, where his deadlines were dependent on the bus schedule, Tommie landed at RTÉ,
taking up the post of North-West correspondent in 1980. Over the next four decades he
became a familiar presence in Irish homes, known for his coverage of Europe and Northern
Ireland, as well as his unforgettable interviews with controversial figures including Gerry
Adams, Roy Keane, Ian Paisley and Arlene Foster. While revelling in his life as a journalist, he

was also coping with the cancer diagnosis he received in 1994 and seeking ways to access life-
saving treatments for patients who shared his rare form of the disease.

In this insightful and generous book, Tommie takes readers behind the scenes and shares
some of his memories from Sligo to Stormont, via Brussels and Sweden, as he recounts forty
extraordinary years of Irish history from his front-row seat and looks at what may lie ahead for
the island.

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Gorman, Tommie

ISBN: 9781838957827