Mythical Irish Beasts


Tibet has the Yeti. Scotland has Nessie. Ireland has … leprechauns?

Irish mythology is actually full of mysterious animals and fantastical beasts. The airitech was a mysterious creature whose three daughters took on the shape of werewolves and who were all slaughtered by the warrior Cas Corach. Balor the Irish cyclops wreaks destruction when he opens his single eye and it takes four men to lift his eyelid.

The alp-luachra is a type of fairy who crawls down into a persons stomach and feeds off what they eat. To rid oneself of the creature you must eat a large quantity of salt beef without drinking anything and force it to come back out of your mouth through thirst!

In this beautifully designed book Mark Joyce brings us on a fantastic journey through Irish folklore with his stories of monsters and demons, accompanied by original illustrations.

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