The Legend of Valentine Sorrow


Sligo 1832. The cholera epidemic sweeps across Ireland like a secret, bringing with it a family of four hundred year old Vampires.

Unsuspecting orphan, Valentine, is unaware of the Vampires lurking in the shadows, until he finds himself flying through the star filled sky on his way to a Vampire’s Lair.

Matilda, Valentine’s sister, returns home from the fever hospital to discover that her brother Valentine has vanished and she will stop at nothing to find him.

Valentine embarks on the adventure of a lifetime; he is shipwrecked at the foot of an ancient lighthouse, battles with a Vampire Hunter, rescues a mermaid and works as an illusionist. Valentine takes up residence in Casino Marino, an exquisite temple in Dublin with hidden rooms and secret passageways.

It is a race against the clock. Will Valentine ever see Matilda again? Can he overcome the Vampire’s curse? And does he have what it takes to defeat Lorenzo, a wicked Vampire, who has travelled through time to find him?

The Legend of Valentine Sorrow is inspired by Bram Stoker’s mother Charlotte Thornley, and her incredible eyewitness account of the Cholera epidemic in Ireland. Many believe that Charlotte Thornley influenced Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

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