You, Me and Destiny


Danny Keane was dead, but he was unable to cross over to the next world because of anxieties about the mess he was leaving behind for his young wife and others. In a disembodied state, he becomes stuck in a Limbo-like existence. He is intrigued to learn that, in a small minority of cases, and for entirely selfless reasons, it is possible to return to the earthly realm. However, that dispensation comes at a very high price. Danny is prepared to pay that price. The novel charters Danny’s adventures as returns under a different identity and is nothing more than a stranger to the widow, he loved.This life-affirming tale of love and self-discovery celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and its ability to shape our destiny. Poignant but humorous, the novel features characters, who are regular people, coping with what life throws at them. With a little help from above, the extraordinary soon becomes the ordinary as these people negotiate everyday life as well as complex romantic entanglements.

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