Camino Royale


‘The name’s O’Carroll-Kelly. Ross O’Carroll-Kelly.’As the great James Bond said, ‘History isn’t kind to men who play God.’ How right the dude ended up being. My secret double-life was finally catching up with me.

Sorcha wanted a divorce. I was facing jail time for taking my orse out in a pub in Cork. And there was a very good chance that my sister-in-law’s surrogate baby was actually mine? One by one, all of the goys turned their backs on me.

Then came an unexpected plot twist. From beyond the grave, Fr Fehily – the M and the Q to our Leinster Schools Senior Cup-winning team – sent us all on one final mission . . . To walk the Camino – or die trying! It’s, like, double oh fock!

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ISBN: 9781844886272