Women of the Irish Revolution


Women of the Irish Revolution tells the story of the vital role that women played both directly and indirectly in the fight for Irish Freedom from 1900 to 1923. These women were part of a generation who made a conscious decision to stand up not only for their rights, but also for the rights of future generations, at a time when society viewed the role of women as that of mother and wife. The independence movement could not have succeeded without their contribution, which saw them put themselves in great danger in order to help free their country.The book also tells the story of those who, although not directly involved, lost so much as a result of that conflict. They were the wives, mothers, sisters and girlfriends of the men who fought and died for Irish freedom, and their story is one that needs to be told. History, they say is written by the victors, and more often than not the victors are men. The women from this period are the forgotten generation and it is now time to remember them.

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