W B Yeats and the Secret Masters of the World


In the twilight of the Victorian age a terrifying threat emerges from the shadows. The secret masters who shape mankind’s destiny are growing impatient. William Yeats, poet, magician and dreamer, must defend humanity but first he has to face the truth about fairies – and love.

Meanwhile, rival magicians fight for control of the Golden Dawn, Saxon supremacists plan the invasion of America and from Cambridge come rumours of a new science, Genetics. It’s obviously going to be important but no one is sure about the How and Why – and that’s where the fairies come in.

“P. R. Jennings has done something quite amazing and innovative here – a completely original concept, a compelling, fast-paced narrative, unforgettable characters, a gripping plot that constantly takes the reader by surprise and a convincing, atmospheric world in which the whole seductive ensemble is set. I loved it. Highly recommended.”

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ISBN: 9780957536418